Services through partnerships

To give you the benefits of a one-stop terminal, we facilitate third-party services on our quay. That way you don’t have to waste time on relocating during your stay in the Port of Rotterdam. We have partnerships with companies that can arrange:

  • fenders and hoses
  • stores delivery
  • slop and waste disposal

For more information on our third-party services, please contact us.



Your STS transhipment needs fenders as well as certified hoses that are suitable for the transferred product. To make your life easy, we have our partnerships. You can arrange both fenders and hoses through STR so you don’t have to deal with a third party.

To arrange fenders and hoses through STR, please contact us.



When berthing at STR for lay-by or one of our other services, we are one of the few locations where you can get your provisions delivered over land, yielding substantial savings.

For more information on stores delivery over land, please contact us.



Your waste needs to be discharged and to make your life easy, we have our partnerships. You can arrange slop and waste disposal through STR for both vessels and barges while berthed at our terminal, performed by our partner International Slop Disposal (Nature Group).

For more information on slop and waste disposal, visit International Slop Disposal.


STR is a multipurpose terminal, where you can save time and money by using our combined services: