Save time with our one-stop services

Do you want to save time by berthing on one quay only in Rotterdam? One location for lay-by, ship-to-ship transhipments, nitrogen and steam supply?

And do you want to avoid a lot of hassle by needing only one contact person? One person to arrange STS transhipments, N2-services, fenders, hoses, stores delivery and slop disposal?

It’s possible at STR’s multipurpose terminal. With our extensive range of utility services next to our modern 240,000 m3 tank storage facility, we offer a one-stop service for ship owners, charterers, traders and port agents who want to save time and money in the Port of Rotterdam.

The services we offer on our one-stop terminal

We offer multiple services at our jetties and quay with a total length of over 450 meters. Within our 24/7 availability we provide: